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Advantages of the Department

1. Guaranteed Teaching and Research Quality

The department has passed engineering and technology education accreditation organized by IEET (Institute of Engineering Education in Taiwan), ensuring that the department's learning environment, professional equipment, teaching quality and research level have all reached international standards.


2. Convenient Transportation for heading North and South

CHU campus is adjacent to Chie-Dong Interchange of National 2nd Freeway in Taiwan.  From Xiangshan Transfer Station next to the campus, you can directly take a public bus to Hsinchu Railway Station, Taipei Transfer Station, Banqiao Station, and Taichung Railway Station (including Chao-Ma Transfer Station), for heading either south or north.  The local transportation here is very convenient, taking only 60 minutes to either Taipei or Taichung.


3. Strong Faculty Team

The department is composed by well experienced professional faculties, all holding Ph. D. degrees in their individual fields.  Professional fields of the faculties cover design, thermal and fluid science; manufacturing, materials, automation, energy and opto-mechanical integration technology in mechanical engineering, imparting students a full range of professional knowledge and fostering students the ability to integrate multi-disciplinary majors.



4. Well Planned Courses

The scheduled courses cover Intelligent machinery, intelligent automation, aviation technology, multi-disciplinary learning in different professional groups, to cultivate students all-round integration ability.  Based on pragmatism, students' professional ability is fostered by optimally-designed courses and learning environment.


5. Solid Industry-academic Collaboration

The department emphasizes the concept of "Learning to do, doing to learn" and has a close linkage with the industry.  The chance of industrial internship for nourishing the students in their professional training and education is facilitated, to minimize the academic-practical gap.  Aggressively guiding and assisting students in getting mechanical related professional certificates is also the mission of the department, to further strengthen students’ competitiveness for entering the industry after graduation.


6. Broad Career Options in the Future

The department is close to Hsin-Chu Scientific Park, Chu-Nan Scientific Park, Hu-Kou (Hsin-Chu) Industrial Area and ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute).  Department faculties have kept retaining tight Industry-academic collaborations with quite some firms and research institutions in research and specific projects for years.  The well-going interaction, in-between, fully provides the opportunities of practical learning and future employment for the students.


7. Triple Great Achievements of Department Alumni

The department has nearly a total of 4,000 graduates thus far, all working in various industrial fields.  All of them inherent a professional, conscientious, down-to-earth and responsible working attitude, and are highly recognized by industrial employers.  In a database statistics referable in 104 Human-Resource Bank, 60% of our department graduates have a monthly salary of more than 50K, and more than 82% of the graduates with a salary over 40K, which is among the best and top few mechanical departments of public and private universities in Taiwan.  The Triple Great Achievements accomplished by CHU mechanical department alumni are high average salary, high employment rate, plus an even higher percentage of employer satisfaction !

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