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Introduction of the Department

The department has passed engineering and technology education accreditation organized by IEET (Institute of Engineering Education in Taiwan).  Learning environment, professional equipment, teaching quality, and research levels, regardless of any, has all met international standards !  The department cultivates students' professional ability based on pragmatism, and emphasizes the concept of "learning by doing and doing by learning" in teaching.  A close linkage with industry is established, and collaborated internship is available in fostering the students in their professional training and education, to minimize the academic-practical gap.  Moreover, the department actively assists and guides students to obtain various professional certificates related to mechanical engineering, to further enhance students’ competitiveness for entering industry after graduation.


Intelligent Machinery Division

In response to the current needs of the intelligent machinery industry, this division focuses on the teaching of professional technologies such as mechanical design and manufacturing, optics, precision manufacturing and measurement.  The curriculum emphasizes on the cultivation of practical ability, and the goal is to cultivate talents in design with integration ability for precision machinery industry.


Intelligent Automation Division

The intelligent automation group focuses on the teaching of professional technologies such as design and manufacture of automation equipment, signal sensing, massive data processing, artificial intelligence and automatic control.  Emphasis is also placed on developing students’ practical ability, to cultivate their capability of integrating automation hardware and intelligent software, as a high-quality intelligent automation professional


Aviation Technology Division

The aviation technology division focuses on cultivating technical talents with aviation component manufacturing and maintenance capabilities, and imparts professional skills and practical capabilities such as fabrication of aviation components, artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance, micro-sensing technology and applications, and 3D printing.