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Special Features of ME Department

Special Features of ME Department

Precision Machinery & Automation

In the present new era of high-efficiency production in domestic industry, precision machinery and automation sectors are both among the fifth item in the top ten emerging industries promoted by the government.  Following the growth of the economy and the advancement of technology, the demand for production tools has shifted from traditional mechanical skill and advanced to the era of precision machinery featuring high precision and small dimensional errors.  Especially as semiconductors, electronics, and computers have become major domestic industries, demanding and application of precision tools is getting even apparent and widely needed in the fields of production, assembly, process and packaging, plasma etching, testing and other aspects of electronic parts.

Precision machinery requires a high-level automation to operate accurately, and it’s impractical to rely on black-hand masters to operate on site as traditional machinery.  It is a mechanical system that integrates electrical machinery, electronics, sensing, information, control and other fields. The PC-based industrial controller developed domestically by combining PC monitoring and control of mechanical systems has gradually led to a world trend.  This is a typical and successful example in integrating domestic mechanical technology and IT technology, to getting into intelligent machinery.


Employment Radar

Machinery is the mother of industry, and graduates of ME Department are the most widely distributed engineering professionals in the workplace.  In addition to the need from traditional industries, graduates of ME Department are demanded in more than 90% of 3C manufacturing industry that requires mold design and processing engineers.  Industries of precision machinery, aviation and auto parts demand even more mechanical graduates to get involved with.  From a global viewpoint, the mechanical field in industry has never been faded, even the starting salary after graduation may not be the highest.  As long as you are willing to devote into work and keep learning, you will be able to stand on your own in three to five years and having a million annual-pay is feasible.

Collaborated Internships allow you to learn real skills

The department cooperates with many well-known companies, such as UMC, Gaosheng Precision Machinery, Xiang-Ming Technology, Evergreen Aerospace Precision, Zhitai Group, etc., all provide internship opportunities, which may enhance students' employment competitiveness in machinery-related fields after graduation.

 Make you a license Expert

Autodesk Inventor Certified Professional

Automation Engineer

 Fundamental Capability Certification of Mechanical Engineer