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Our department of students , Hao-Syuan DUAN, Ting-Sheng Sheu, and Xiao-Xian XU, participated in " Chung Hua University Practitioner Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp" for four days from January 24 to January 27, 2018. They participated in the whole process seriously and won the honor of runner-up.

"Chung Hua University Practitioner Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp" is sponsored by the Practitioner Education Group and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Chung Hua University, allowing students who like to create their own infinite value and infinite possibilities to start their entrepreneurial dreams with a professional entrepreneurial counseling team and senior consultants.

The three students from the Department formed a team with Wang Shifu from the Department of Science and Management, and Cai Haoen from the Department of Transportation and Management. They shined brilliantly at the event together. The students not only met more new friends but also gained new ideas during the event. To implement multiple learning, and at the same time, I also learned skills such as accounting presentation techniques, and also learned the business assessment and risk assessment required for starting a business.

After 4 days of study and discussion, the students finally won the honor of runner-up and a bonus of 3,000 yuan, and the opportunity to be stationed in the "Practice Elite Co-creation Base".


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